Thursday, March 31, 2011


Well, I’m finally here in Colombia. I´m just going to go down the
list of things I can think of:

Culture--Both the standard and style of living are very different
here. People have a house, basic things for living and a TV. Some
people have almost nothing because they use the money they do have for
big speakers to play Vallenato or other stuff with.
Despite that, people here are really friendly. A lot of people
are willing to listen to us. We haven´t had that much success so far
but that´s mostly because both my companion and >I are new to the area
and the previous missionaries left behind almost no records. I´m in
Valledupar, by the way. The ´house´we´re in now is...interesting.
You remember the shower in ¨the best two years? That´s us. Calling
the water lukewarm is probably being too generous, but at least if’s
not cold. It´s actually pretty refreshing to feel a little chilly for
once, because other than that it doesn´t happen around here. It
doesn´t really matter though, because we´re moving out today.
Honestly, I think I´ll miss the old house a little, it was kinda fun.
Mail situation: as always, family can email me. Everybody else
can send mail through the pouch, or send email through a member of my
Espanol--It´s better and worse than I thought. Better because
people seem to understand when I teach part of a lesson. Worse
because I can rarely understand their responses and questions. I can
tell my English is starting to go as well...I keep thinking of the
Spanish word for things while writing this. That´s a good sign, I
We have a little more time for writing mail here, but we have to write
the mission president as well so it works out to being about the same.
I´ll try to write as much as I can, there´s certainly no shortage of
things now.
a few of my adventures this week :
My companion and I were walking down the street when we heard meowing
from overhead. There was a kitten in the tree above us, about to fall
out and onto the cement. I stood there for about 5 seconds, and then
caught it when it fell. I´m not sure what the significance is, but it
was interesting.

sorry about the short letter, I ´ll have more time next week!
Elder Coffman