Monday, May 30, 2011


Things are going well here, if a bit slowly. I´m in a house with 3 Latinos so I´m starting to understand Spanish better. There aren´t many members here, so we have a contract for lunches. It´s nice in a way but we don´t get a lot of variety. There hasn´t been water in Sabanalarga since yesterday morning so I don´t know how we´re going to do laundry. We have a few barrels out back with water for showering.

There are bonuses to living in colombia, of course. For instance, here you can still find normal Trix, with the different shapes instead of round balls. And there are these sandwich cookies called cocosettes...mmmmmmmm. This week I had agua de maiz and agua de panela. Agua de maiz is more or less jugo de corn. Agua de panela...panela is completely unrefined sugar, like brown sugar only more so.

The conference was really good. There´s some nice scenery (coastline!) in between Barranquilla and Santa Marta. When we got there they asked me to play the prelude music. Well Elder Nash was late and I ended up playing for about 3 hours before he showed up. I played every hymn that I knew 2 times and was working on my 3rd time going through the hymnbook. It was nice. The conference itself was also really good, I learned a lot.

My companion (Elder Luque from Bolivia) is a lot of fun and we´re doing well together. He just loves people and is really good at talking to people. I´ve already learned a lot from him and I think this is going to be a good transfer.

Gah, I want to write a letter to Travis but there´s no time. The power shut off in the middle of my letter and we spent an hour waiting for it to come back on...anyway, My companion wants on so I´m going to end this. Until next week!

Elder Coffman

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